What are Security Labels and Why does your Business need them?

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What is a Security Label? 
A security label is a general term used to describe a sticker label that has been designed to improve the security of the object, in which it is applied. 

Prevention is better than cure. The security label is the first step and a flexible way to protect a particular product or brand. It can act as a visual deterrent, a tool to tag, track and trace the location of an object, to prevent from counterfeiting, or to provide visual proof that the label (and therefore the object) has been tampered with.

In the labeling system, the term security label is applied specifically to labels that provide evidence of tampering (tamper-evident labels) - although they may perform other security functions as well. 

How does Security Label Work? (Non-Electronic) 
Besides bringing convenience among companies, these on-demand security labels offer self-serving authentication via mobile phone. This has given customers a better way to check it and be aware of product authenticity. 

In the palm of your hand, by using a mobile phone with the scanner function, there is no need for special devices or equipment to detect the security labels. EAN LABEL will provide the backend system for the company's data safekeeping as well as for the customers’ self-scanning. Thus, it will be convenient for the company as there will be a lower implementation of cost and saving precious time from developing your own backend system. 

How to Utilize this Security Label?

  1. Anti-clone feature
    An effective method to combat products from counterfeiting activities or from being cloned by others
    High-security purpose without the need of second verification
    Instant verification results bring convenience to customers
    Build and maintain trust between brands and customers that leads to future repurchase
  2. Marketing Purpose - lucky draw, event data collection, marketing campaign 
    Effective method for data collection 
    Avoid the risk from over prize-redemption such as the grand prize 
  1. Remarketing - create repeat order from e-commerce website 
    Existing customers verification for exclusive promotions such as a discount of 50%
    Avoid the risk from over prize-redemption 
    Consumers’ engagement to the database that accumulates certain data for companies’ further studies or future references.
    Interactive way for customers to engage with company and increase traffic to e-commerce side 
    High traffic advertising space for numerous industries 

Features in Security Label? 
The higher the risk, the more features in the security label must be included. A few combinations of the features below can be customized and then invented into your own brand’s Anti Clone Security Labels and Stickers according to the level of security needed. In order to make the security labels more useful for all business owners, these features bring only convenience and most importantly, security.

QR Code offers new aspects in consumers’ interactions such as self-checking authentication. Every quick response code is accompanied with an individual security pin for the customer to scan it. This feature brings convenience as customers will only have to utilize mobile phones to scan the QR Code, which will then lead or navigate customers to a particular secure site.

Random Security Pin for self-check online to ensure credibility by inserting the pin number printed. Every individual security label is one of the kind as they will be printed in random security code. Customers that scan the QR Code can self verify the accompanied security pin code at the side of the label. They can "unlock" the designated site for further access to the secure web.

Random Serial Number works as an identifier on products or items that are easy to tag, track and trace. Companies or brands can utilize this feature conveniently for data safekeep and future references.

Backend Tracking Web to track product authenticity besides learning more on the particular product. It is a secure site for users to match the data and refer to the accurate information it provided. Besides tracking the product authentication, customers can trace back the origin of the product as well as their production or development journey.

Backend Server acts as a database that stores data of the customers for future references. This secure site and server store product code data and customers’ information safely. Companies or brand owners are able to identify and analyze the factors of counterfeits or cloning issues.

Why should business owners go for a Security Label? 

  1. Low implementation cost  
  • Avoid spending huge amount of money to invest in hardware, software or any system 
  • software and system will be provided by EAN LABEL
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  1. Portable and user-friendly
  • By using only the mobile phone, customers are able to scan and verify at anywhere and anytime they want
  • An easy and simple process due to the user-friendly web interface
  1. One stop security system & storage  
  • A strong security backend system to collect customer info and store it in a secure site. 
  • Backend authentication system for customers to get instant results. 
  1. Build connection and trust 
  • Customers who are able to self-verify immediately will gain trust and confidence towards the particular company, brand or product
  • Lower cost for companies to conduct remarketing procedures in the future 

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