The next level to protect the image of your brand and secure your product!

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The next level to protect the image of your brand and secure your product!

How does it work?

An anti-counterfeit label sticker is an adhesive label sticker on packaging or product which is designed and printed with the combination of multiple features namely, QR Code, random Security Pin, and random Serial Number. 

Customers who encounter the anti-counterfeit label sticker on products have to scratch to reveal security pin numbers and scan QR Codes with their own mobile phones. Customers can conveniently self-verify the authenticity of the product at the designated secure webpage.

How are the overall process works and its effectiveness? 

Auto Detect Security pin & QR code
With the latest upgraded version 2.0 of the anti clone security label, we have revamped and improved the intelligent auto detection feature. Click here to find out more. 

Secure landing page 
Customers will be led and navigated to our designated secure site. The self-verification procedures will be conducted under this safe and secure official site. 

Verification System
We possess a strong high-tech database for companies, brand owners, and users to safe keep, store, and undergo instant verifications.

3 simple steps for better security

Stage 1: Scratch the silver foil ink with a piece of the coin until the security pin is revealed. 

Stage 2: Use your mobile device QR code scanner apps to scan and it will be detected and identified automatically. The upgraded version has the auto-sync feature with the security pin therefore there is no need to key in the security pin manually. 

Stage 3: The self-check system will show in the directed site automatically after a few seconds to uncover the product authenticity status. 


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