5 Effective Materials for Product Stickers and Labels

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Why do some products seem to stand out more whilst others are neglected on the shelf? This is because they chose an eye-catching sticker and label that influence the success of the particular product, as 1/3 of customers’ purchase decisions are based solely on product packaging that steals the spotlight among other brands. 

Besides getting to know your target customers initially and considering the sticker or label size for the product packaging next; picking the most suitable printing paper materials is one of the most vital steps in making the perfect sticker or label. Product stickers and labels are one of the most effective advertising tools for your business, especially for start-ups businesses that are in search of new stickers and labels, here are 5 different paper materials that will inspire you to order and own outstanding stickers and labels, besides inspiring customers to purchase your products. 

Metalized Foil Sticker and Label


Metalized foil stickers and labels mostly come with shining/ shimmer effect colours as the paper materials are coated with a thin layer of metal, usually aluminium. Click here to know more about its impacts like the metalized sheen on these printing materials that create huge visual impacts that draw attention among customers. Due to its glimmer effect, not only will your products look more elegant, metalized foil stickers and labels offer higher durability for long shelf lifespan. Moreover, products with metalized foil stickers and labels attached on packaging are always promoted and seen as luxury items among customers, making your brands the reason why customers stop in their tracks while browsing, as shown in this video

Hologram Sticker and Label

Hologram sticker and label creates the striking three-dimensional rainbow effect that shines unlike any other stickers. It reflects iridescence light that changes at different points or angles of views, which are potentially much more effective for customers in noticing your products as compared to others. You can view its effects here. The holographic visual appeal amps up the overall look of your packaging, making your products presented in a much premium outlook. Furthermore, the holographic effect will definitely highlight the logos and wordings, making them seem more “eye-catchy” and 3D. Take advantage and order from us here as we are the only few that can offer and print these hologram stickers and labels in this current printing market. 

 Transparent Sticker and Label

Transparent sticker and label gives the “no-label-look” that makes logo or wording visible, as well as the content of the products. Instead of obstructing the content in the packaging.Catch the customers’ eyes on shelves by going bare with transparent stickers and labels. Furthermore, this budget friendly option as your business stickers and labels will be effective in attracting customers, yet bringing high-functionality due to its durability. Read more about transparent stickers and labels here and see how they present on packaging as we offer gold or silver stamping as well, to make it look more premium than ever. 

White PP Sticker and Label

White PP sticker and label, also known as white polypropylene sticker and label, is one of the most rigid adhesive materials for your products. This printing material is cost effective and suitable for any industries, especially for long term indoor items and appliances. Besides its longevity and waterproof features, it endures a lot of wear and tear. These white PP stickers and labels accept ink well, thus you need not to worry about smudging as time passes. Apply your creativity and utilize its white background to create a minimal sticker or label here

By choosing quality printing material for your products stickers or labels from us, you have already laid the groundwork for a future successful sale. These high quality stickers and labels are the building blocks of a brand’s success. We offer a vast amount of printing materials to cater your labelling needs and help your business stand out as compared to others. The higher the quality shown, the higher the impressions made. Enhance your brand outlook to the next level here or reach out to us directly at (phone number or email). 

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