4 Main Features of Cyber Physical Label- The Security Label

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4 Main Features of Cyber Physical Label- The Security Label

When labels are beyond just providing information or catching attention, introducing the future of stickers and labels: Cyber-Physical Label. It is the physical label connected between labels and cyber (online). This Cyber-Physical Label is the future and trends for sticker labels whereby this label not merely provides product information but also is able to work in several functions. This label was specially designed to solve brand owners' counterfeit issues in 2016 (version 1.0) as it has been named as Anti-clone Security Label. Until today this functional label has been upgraded to Cyber-Physical Label (Version 2.0).

What makes it unique? How can this label actually help brand owners to solve security problems? Starting from the manufacturers to the ending with consumers, check out the 4 main bulletproof features or benefits of the Cyber-Physical Label.


(1) Anti Clone

In order to protect your brand from counterfeits and maintain authenticity, Cyber-Physical Label offers one of the kind anti-tampering labels for your company, to maintain trust, manage the reputation, and enhance the brand. By using the unique QR code and unique security pin, it creates the “Only 1 Time Scanning” feature. In order to ensure this security function works well, we make sure that there is no repetition of each and every unique security pin that can be printed up to 3,000,000 millions of printing label quantities.

(2) Marketing Campaign

Besides functioning as an anti-clone, make use of the Cyber-Physical Label to conduct marketing campaigns and secure the product giveaways. It is very useful for lucky draw events as the track and trace system is able to help to avoid over-redemption on the lucky draw prizes. Moreover, it acts as the additional advertising space for your product such as new product launching or monthly promotion that will be placed on our secure webpage.

 (3) Increase Traffic to E-commerce Sites

Remarketing in lower advertising costs with Cyber-Physical Label that helps in gaining sales from the existing customers in today's market, where both online and offline marketings are getting more and more competitive. it is also one of the ways to retarget your customers and divert them into online platforms (e.g: the market place or e-commerce website). For example, a company can utilize this label to provide a 50% online promo code to consumers who had purchased their energy drinks that just launched a few weeks ago in the market. This could help to increase both offline and online sales where consumers get a better advantage for their second purchase. 


(4) Monitor on Vendors

The Cyber-Physical Label is able to help in the price and inventory control among the distributors. The pricing issues have always been the first concern for brand owners where there are some difficulties in monitoring the market price. Hence, our unique security pin code is able to track the seller info and location. Not only will the Cyber-Physical Label enhance the monitoring procedure, but it will also reduce the price war among the distributors. 


The Cyber-Physical Label is the future and trend of stickers and labels. Act fast, up to your labeling game, and be the pioneer to get / use/purchase/order it now! Use Cyber-Physical Label to your advantage, dominate the market, and drive your brand engagement by using features on Cyber-Physical Label. The outcome would certainly be rewarding for your business.

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